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Children may be dropped off 15 minutes prior to any service or activity. Please give your caretakers adequate time to prepare so that they may greet each child.  For the safety and security of children, only parents will be allowed into the rooms.  Sunday School and nursery provisions are available for children whose parents are attending a church function. Should the function take you off church premises, please leave a phone number where you can be reached.  In order not to upset your child and the other children, parents desiring to check on their children are requested to do so through someone other than themselves (friend, staff member etc.) If there is a problem, the teacher will notify you immediately.  

Parents should provide those items needed by their child (i.e. ointments, bottles, cups, diapers, etc.). These items should be labeled accordingly. Always include a change of clothes, and disposable diapers.  Parents are encouraged to change diapers and take their children to the bathroom before class to avoid problems during class.  We strive to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for children. Each room has age appropriate toys and games.  Please help us by keeping your child’s toys at home.  During Sunday School, approved snacks will be served to the children. Specific information about food allergies for each child should be given in writing to the classroom teacher.  Parents are always permitted to observe in a class if you desire.

Children two years old through 3rd grade will be promoted the Sunday before school starts in August. Children 4th grade and above will be the 1st Sunday in June. In order to meet promotion criteria the child will need to be the age of their new class by September 1st of that year or be moving to the next grade. The church prefers to follow the school age requirements.

Sickness Policy

According to the National Academy of Pediatrics, a child who has exhibited any of the following symptoms within the previous 24 hours is possibly contagious and should not be left in a class situation:
  • Nasal Discharge
  • Cough/Common Cold
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Inflamed throat or mouth
  • Symptoms of childhood diseases (mumps, chickenpox etc.)
  • Skin infections
  • Unexplained rash
If during any session your child becomes ill or exhibits any of the above symptoms, you will be notified and expected to come for him/her. The prayer room is available during both services, and is equipped with closed-circuit TV.
In the unlikely event that your child would contract a childhood disease following a session in the children’s area, please notify the Children’s Ministry assistant right away (799-4444).
Due to safety of all children we ask that teachers/volunteers not be asked to administer any medications.

Dismissal Procedure

Children younger than 3rd grade must have a parent pick them up.  Parents must pick up children immediately after the service unless special arrangements have been made.  Parents are requested to advise teacher/volunteers of any other person designated to pick up the child and/or of any custody disputes that may affect the child.

Discipline Policy

The principle of respect for authority is central in the Scriptures. Respect must both be modeled and taught. Discipline provides children with a secure environment – a place where there are boundaries. The following are CCC’s expectations for children’s behavior.

Children are expected to….
  • Respect and obey the teacher
  • Remain quiet when the teacher or another student is speaking
  • Keep hands and feet to themselves
  • Participate in activities
When a child fails to keep these expectations, the teacher/volunteer will apply the following steps.
Inform the child of inappropriate behavior and give him/her a verbal warning. Inform the child of the next step if he/she does not obey
Move the child to a different area of the room or with an adult, again informing him/her of the inappropriate behavior. Inform the child that the next step will require the teacher/volunteer to take him/her to their parent.

Immediately remove the child from the classroom and take him/her to their parent or call for the Children’s Ministry Assistant.
The behavior of a child who is a constant disruption to a class will be discussed with parents. In appropriate circumstances, parents may be asked to attend class and observe their child.

All information about children will be keep private with the parent and the Children’s Ministry Assistant or Pastor of Christian Education.